Friday, June 7, 2013

Muneera Hobo Bag

Muneera Hobo Bag

My friend Munirah, made me make this type of hobo bag for her. from the sample given, i can say that i've to crack my head to get the idea, made the pola and at last came out with this cooled result. 

i'm soo thrill with the outcome and i can say that i really enjoy making this hobo bag again and again.... 

say no more word... just enjoy the pictures... :)


the other side

inside view, 4 open pockets, 1 zippered pocket

Till then.... daaaa

Friday, August 31, 2012


One of my crafter friends had offered to teach me about knitting.. but i have been procrastinating it for sooo long with 1001 excuses...
i try to learn from you-tube... yeah.. i manage to do it!!! BUT only half way.. :(

so, when one of the group that i join conducted this knitting class, i think there's no more excuses to give.. and i'm blessed that i made this decision..  :))))

during the class

the teacher - the same person that offered to teach me 1 year ago - Rozi from

one to one session

try it on your own...

i have to practice it on my own at home (so that i won't forget) and this is the result!!! wieeeee..... grin from ear to ear.. :D 

this one is going to be a blanket... errrr....

Barbie's blanket... ngeeeeee... :D

2 coasters in the house...

merah kuning!!!

pink purple...

circular needles


basketweave - so enjoy making this pattern..

till the.... daaaa

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Baby Pillow

Pillows & pillow cases requested by my sisters:
these 2 pillows are requested by nonie.... 

for khayla

for khayla

this one requested by another sister, ann raihan...
after soooo long, (sempat merajuk)... finally i managed to squeeze some of my time to make this dino pillow... (errr... soriiiii...)

for ain faiqah

till then... daaaa.....

Simply Sling

When 1 of my friends asked whether the pencil case that i made can be converted into a sling bag, hmmm... that giving me an idea to make this Simply Sling Bag

Still in the 'raya' mood, this simply sling is perfect to keep all the 'duit raya' collected by our little ones... :)  

come in 2 versions

bigger version: H7" x W6"

smaller version: H5.5" x W6"

made these for the SKDU netball players - 10 of them all together
including my daughter, nadia.
and... this colour really match with their netball's theme colour..
*mode: happy & proud of making this.. :)*

some of the players' names...

9 of them.. without nadia's name.. :(
i managed to make nadia's just before we went back for hari raya, and she was happily using it during hari raya...
and... najwa got one of the smaller version... 

I hope that can make my girls' day... the least i can give for hari raya... other than duit raya itself.. :) 

Any one interested, can drop by at 

till then...daaaa.....

Cutie Sling Bag

Another friend who always supports me in my sewing journey - Farsha.. (hi dear..)

These are the Cutie Sling Bags for her nieces - hana & aliya

love these prints...



i managed to complete these before the hari raya break just to make sure that the girls can use the bags for hari raya.

i am sooo happy to hear that they both love the bags and proudly use it while visiting family and friends during hari raya.. Hey... good place to keep your 'duit raya' right? :)

till then.... daaaaa.....

Pencil case for a long lasting friend..

She is one of my friends that always supports me in my sewing journey... and among the earliest customers to my business steps... thank you so much dear..

the day that i try out for out door shooting & the outcome is not disappointing at all...

more picture..

different angle..

different table cloth.. (errr... too bright i think?)


till then.. daaaa.....

Saturday, August 25, 2012


Don't know what to do with all your scraps?? here is one thing that u can do.. 'Cute Alpha Keychain..'

i got the tutorial here... and some more idea from here & hope u can use it too.... :)

this 1 is for my friend - aida

and these are for my girls' teachers for Teacher's Day

U can make a 'Cute Pillow Keyhain' as well... and now u know how to reduce your scraps... 

till then.... daaaa......