Monday, December 26, 2011

Cutie Sling Bag

for Zaidad Farhah

one for Ayra


magnetic button closure & adjustable starp

one for ateef

inside view-1 pocket

adjustable strap

magnetic button closure


thanks a lot kak jdad...

till then...daaaaa

Crafty Art Market

with rozi rahman

on 17th Dec 2011, i was joining sew fabby and rozi rahman opening their booth at Crafty Art Market at Jaya One, section 17, petaling jaya.

this was my 2nd time joining them and obviously this time was better than last time..

don't want 2 say so much, so just enjoy the pictures....

yummy scrunchies

best selling item - batu seremban
never expected this will be hot stuff but who knows... people bought it because of nostalgia...


sew fabby's items

partner of the day - rozi

things from rozi's section... all the designer cotton made me drooling.. *sigh*

this crafty art market only appears every 2 months... so this should be the finale for 2011... hope to join again for next year... Insya-Allah if still got rezeki....

till then.... daaa...

Friday, December 9, 2011

Pencil Case

Nadia's Pencil Case:
for nadia
nadia, my 1st daughter, been asking me to make her this pencil case, soon after i received the fabric from my friend 'sohana from japan'.

but i kept procrastinating this project until she came out with a statement, "if i pay u this amount, will u make it for me?"....Ouch! that's hurt... so i squeezed my time to make this & felt soo relief after i completed it.. Hope this will make her day... :)

Charity Project:
7 in a row

projek amal utk anak2 yatim

I am so glad that i'm joining this group called "GMJ Group".  for this year end, we have a charity project for the orphanage... each one of us made pencil cases (as many as we can). And the best part is, this will be the ongoing project.. i'm sure will squeeze some of my time here & there to make some more...:)

till then....daaaa...

Cosmetic Pouch

Cosmetic Pouch for Crafty Art Market:

the straps

for fasha

for sarah

for thaera (emblishment added by najwa)

status: available

status: available

Pouch for Charity Bazaar:

till then....daaaa.....

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

After A Looong Silent

why am i not posting anything here for the last 6 months??? huhuhu... jiwa kacau... tak no mood to update the blog...(but i do active in my FB - in fact it is much more easier with FB... no need to 'membebel' panjang2.. perah otak carik idea nak tulis...heheh)

eventhough i'm not posting anything here for quite some times, it doesn't mean that i'm not doing anything... here are some of my bags collection:

cutie sling bag for Aisha Sabrina

and some details:

messenger bag for nadia

cutie sling bag for nur nabilah

cutie sling bag for alya nabilah

cutie sling bag for the twins hannah & akif

cutie sling bag for adeena hana

messenger bag for adeena hana

till then....daaaa....

Intan Safiah Boutique


after a few advises & suggestions from my dear friends, i finally changed my blog's name to Intan Safiah Boutique...

particularly, because i want to concentrate & highlight more on my sewing project... 

but i will still post some of paper craft (from school usually).. maybe i have to open another sub-url.. *this thing will happen after i'm a bit clever to open the sub coz now i'm sooo not blog many things to learn and add in my blog features*

this picture was drawn by my 2nd daughter, najwa

i'm still trying to figure out how to make my title in the centre, so it will not disturb this picture or disturbed by this picture...heheh... buta IT...

i think tht's all for now...

till then...daaaaa....

Joining Giveaway Contest from Tote-Boutique

i think this is a good excuse to be active in my blog again.... joining a Giveaway Contest from Tote-Boutique at  :)

to add to the joy, this is the 1st time for me to join giveaway contest through my blog...(not so IT friendly so using FB is much more easier for me to join giveaway contest..heheh)

i always stop by and 'lepaking' at tote-boutique beginning of this year when i just started my sewing and craft project... (can just spend hours reading & looking at the pictures...not realizing the time touched 4am already)
to get some ideas... inspiring by her touch... and most of the time admiring all her products... (dreaming 1 day i can produce something like that as well... haha...*4am-perfect time to dream*)

*cik as, the owner of tote-boutique*: i'm not supposed to write any story to 'bodek' you for this giveaway contest,kan? just copy & paste only, right? but i saje gatal tangan sbb dh lama tak boh entry kat my blog....since may 2011... wohoo.. lamanya 6 bulan tkde entry..

come & join the giveaway contest... the more the merrier... *biar pening cik as nak pilih*...:)

till then.... daaaaaaaa.....

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Sunbonnet Sue

Mek Sue

i have never imagined that i will do any 'applique' and further more will do it with 'sunbonnet sue' (just heard this name about last month?). i like to see this little girl 'sunbonnet sue' but always told myself that i would never had time to do it [it looks soooo difficult to do].

however, when zila kassim ( admin of 1day1product group initiated a competition of making this sunbonnet sue, i gave myself a try.. (reluctantly at the beginning).

as we are all malays, we called this little girl Mek Sue..heheh (pepandai zila tukarkan nama)


1st stage was printing the template.. my printer didn't want to cooperate at that time, so i had to trace the picture from the computer skrin...
i had to make a few tracing until i got the correct size (A4 size).. so this meksue has siblings...:)

complete before touch up

i cut the fabrics yesterday morning (30th may) and started my applique straight away... no batting... no interfacing... just sewed the fabrics to the background. (chasing by due date given by zila - 31st may). and... by evening i completed this meksue... *happy* 

mother-daughter project

while i was sewing, i gave my daughter the extra template to be coloured so that she didn't really bother me... heheh..

at last... 

this is how my meksue looks like after the touch up... i am happy with the end product and i think there will be more meksue coming to my house... (but donno when...*wink*)

different angle

since this is my 1st sunbonnet sue, i'm a bit over excited with it. taking photos tahap tak hengat... hahaha...(seriously...macam org baru beranak sulung...)

till then.. daaaaaaaa......