Friday, August 31, 2012


One of my crafter friends had offered to teach me about knitting.. but i have been procrastinating it for sooo long with 1001 excuses...
i try to learn from you-tube... yeah.. i manage to do it!!! BUT only half way.. :(

so, when one of the group that i join conducted this knitting class, i think there's no more excuses to give.. and i'm blessed that i made this decision..  :))))

during the class

the teacher - the same person that offered to teach me 1 year ago - Rozi from

one to one session

try it on your own...

i have to practice it on my own at home (so that i won't forget) and this is the result!!! wieeeee..... grin from ear to ear.. :D 

this one is going to be a blanket... errrr....

Barbie's blanket... ngeeeeee... :D

2 coasters in the house...

merah kuning!!!

pink purple...

circular needles


basketweave - so enjoy making this pattern..

till the.... daaaa

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