Saturday, February 11, 2012

Diaper Bag

1st ever diaper bag
when my friend, fasha asked me to make a diaper bag for her, i took it as a challenge to myself.. she gave me a link to refer to (here), and i was so happy with the details that this tutorial provided.  

2 front pockets

2 side pockets

1 big zipper pocket at the back

4 small gather pockets inside

Adjuster strap

i'm so happy with the finishing touch of this strap as i was struggling to sew the thick part of it.. :)

my signature 

i am so happy in the whole process of making this bag into reality and looking forwards to make more of it..

till then... daaaaa....

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Messenger Bag & Sling Bag

Messenger Bag:

for my nephews

Hakimi (obvoiusly)

and Izzuddin

Hope they enjoy bringing this to their school.. :)

Sling Bag:

this sling bag is bigger than 'Cutie Sling Bag'.... more rooms to put your stuff.. :)



See that mannequin? heheh.. my new toy...  at least to hang my beg.. *grin*

Till then... daaaaaaa....