Tuesday, March 8, 2011

First Ever Wristlet

new achievement
when i got back my mood towards sewing i was only thinking of making dresses or baju kurung....never ever come across in my mind to make bag, or pencil case or wristlet....
but then involved and mixed around with other crafters make me feel like challenging myself.. and here i proved something!

 chip & dale
i've got the patern and the tutorial from here ...thank you so much Ayumi..
she gave the tutorial with patchwork, but i keep it simple by just using a piece of cloth, in fact 'saya budak baru belajar'...so tak reti lagi all patchwork2 ni.. hehe..

3 pockets inside

look what can i put inside..

i really proud of myself for this accomplishment!! bravo!!! (haha puji diri)

a little loop
this loop really coming handy...and this chip & dale was from lauren on her last day of school last year...huhuhu..miss u girl....


heheh...why hand-stitch? huhuhu...lupa nak jait label siap2 sebelum cantum  everything together...so jahit tangan je la...tapi nampak cam best gak...seni, kan? 

till then....daaaa....