Thursday, March 10, 2011

Skirt for Alicia

my friend, alicia was so happy to see all the dresses that i made before... it never come across my mind why was she soo happy...i thought she wanted me to make a dress for her little one, melissa...since i want to focus on the girl's stuff only..(not lady..)
huhuhu...rupa-rupanya she got plan for herself...dia nak i wat skirt for her...

process menggunting kain
she gave me the sample and i started working on it... at first, it looked quite easy...cut the cloth and attached it...pretty easy right? 

first 3 layers
the tricky part came when i started working on the 4th & 5th layers... the 4th one is almost 4 meters and the 5th one is more than 5 meters... imagine that i had to wrinkle the 5 meters cloth and attached it to the other shorter layer... hmmm....pening and berpinar2 jugak bijik mata ni...

that's why i had to stop for a while and work on something trying to make my first wristlet..

finally i did! i was so happy to see the final product and plan to make one for myself later...(bila later tu? tak tau la...huhuhu...)

melissa's skirt-comel
alicia wanted me to make a skirt for melissa, her daughter as well...if there are some extra cloths...and i really enjoyed working with this one... it only took about a few hours for me to cut and complete everything...:-)

like mother like daughter
i passed it to alicia today and she called me later after work to tell me that melissa looked sooo cute in that tennis player like that....

hmmm...what else that make me happy other than a happy customer? it makes me feel to make more & more.... 

till then...daaa...

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