Monday, March 28, 2011

Second Wristlet

2nd attempt

Just to polish my skill, i tried to make another wristlet.. this one i gave to alicia since that cloth was from her stash...

3 small pockets inside




more and more wristlets will be coming...

till then...daaa....

Messenger Bag for Nivee

Love is in the air

My daughter's friend (najwa's friend), nivee was having her birthday party last saturday. since i know how to sew, i plan to sew something for her..

at first, i wanted to make a dress but i scared i would make a wrong size so, i made a messenger bag instead.

snap button & 1 pocket in front

1 velcro pocket inside

adjustable strap

my signature..:)

she invited my eldest one (nadia) as well, so from nadia i made a simple pencil case or pouch for her..

matching pouch/pencil case

2 pockets inside

i hope i made nivee happy with these gifts....

till then....daaa....

Friday, March 18, 2011

Messenger Bag for Najwa

Najwa my daughter, always has her own thought...
When she wanted me to make her a messenger bag, she was asking for blue stripe...
I had the colour & the patern in my mind but still didn't get the cloth when she followed me to the shop, she saw this one..
i tried to ask her to take another patern since they didn't have any other stripe patern...but once she made up her mind, u couldn't change it. 

she told me that she didn't want velcro, and preferred this buckle... 

she wanted a pocket at the side to put her water bottle...heheh... i don't know how to do that, so i just made it at the front with an elastic band...hope that will satisfy her...:)

inside pocket
i put a velcro pocket inside the bag and she's happy with it...

adjustable strap
another thing that make her happy...

mama's work
from mama with love...:) 

till then...daaaaa....

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Skirt for Alicia

my friend, alicia was so happy to see all the dresses that i made before... it never come across my mind why was she soo happy...i thought she wanted me to make a dress for her little one, melissa...since i want to focus on the girl's stuff only..(not lady..)
huhuhu...rupa-rupanya she got plan for herself...dia nak i wat skirt for her...

process menggunting kain
she gave me the sample and i started working on it... at first, it looked quite easy...cut the cloth and attached it...pretty easy right? 

first 3 layers
the tricky part came when i started working on the 4th & 5th layers... the 4th one is almost 4 meters and the 5th one is more than 5 meters... imagine that i had to wrinkle the 5 meters cloth and attached it to the other shorter layer... hmmm....pening and berpinar2 jugak bijik mata ni...

that's why i had to stop for a while and work on something trying to make my first wristlet..

finally i did! i was so happy to see the final product and plan to make one for myself later...(bila later tu? tak tau la...huhuhu...)

melissa's skirt-comel
alicia wanted me to make a skirt for melissa, her daughter as well...if there are some extra cloths...and i really enjoyed working with this one... it only took about a few hours for me to cut and complete everything...:-)

like mother like daughter
i passed it to alicia today and she called me later after work to tell me that melissa looked sooo cute in that tennis player like that....

hmmm...what else that make me happy other than a happy customer? it makes me feel to make more & more.... 

till then...daaa...

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

First Ever Wristlet

new achievement
when i got back my mood towards sewing i was only thinking of making dresses or baju kurung....never ever come across in my mind to make bag, or pencil case or wristlet....
but then involved and mixed around with other crafters make me feel like challenging myself.. and here i proved something!

 chip & dale
i've got the patern and the tutorial from here ...thank you so much Ayumi..
she gave the tutorial with patchwork, but i keep it simple by just using a piece of cloth, in fact 'saya budak baru belajar' tak reti lagi all patchwork2 ni.. hehe..

3 pockets inside

look what can i put inside..

i really proud of myself for this accomplishment!! bravo!!! (haha puji diri)

a little loop
this loop really coming handy...and this chip & dale was from lauren on her last day of school last year...huhuhu..miss u girl....


heheh...why hand-stitch? huhuhu...lupa nak jait label siap2 sebelum cantum  everything jahit tangan je la...tapi nampak cam best gak...seni, kan? 

till then....daaaa....