Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Sunbonnet Sue

Mek Sue

i have never imagined that i will do any 'applique' and further more will do it with 'sunbonnet sue' (just heard this name about last month?). i like to see this little girl 'sunbonnet sue' but always told myself that i would never had time to do it [it looks soooo difficult to do].

however, when zila kassim (www.zilakassim.com)- admin of 1day1product group initiated a competition of making this sunbonnet sue, i gave myself a try.. (reluctantly at the beginning).

as we are all malays, we called this little girl Mek Sue..heheh (pepandai zila tukarkan nama)


1st stage was printing the template.. my printer didn't want to cooperate at that time, so i had to trace the picture from the computer skrin...
i had to make a few tracing until i got the correct size (A4 size).. so this meksue has siblings...:)

complete before touch up

i cut the fabrics yesterday morning (30th may) and started my applique straight away... no batting... no interfacing... just sewed the fabrics to the background. (chasing by due date given by zila - 31st may). and... by evening i completed this meksue... *happy* 

mother-daughter project

while i was sewing, i gave my daughter the extra template to be coloured so that she didn't really bother me... heheh..

at last... 

this is how my meksue looks like after the touch up... i am happy with the end product and i think there will be more meksue coming to my house... (but donno when...*wink*)

different angle

since this is my 1st sunbonnet sue, i'm a bit over excited with it. taking photos tahap tak hengat... hahaha...(seriously...macam org baru beranak sulung...)

till then.. daaaaaaaa......


  1. salam , mcam mana nak contact kakak ?

  2. sori lambat jwb....can go to my facebook - intan safiah.. heheh yg senarnya tak reti nak link facebook kat blog.. nnti akak add alyia dlm friend list.. ini nama alyia dlm fb ke?