Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Joining Giveaway Contest from Tote-Boutique

i think this is a good excuse to be active in my blog again.... joining a Giveaway Contest from Tote-Boutique at http://www.tote-boutique.blogspot.com/  :)

to add to the joy, this is the 1st time for me to join giveaway contest through my blog...(not so IT friendly so using FB is much more easier for me to join giveaway contest..heheh)

i always stop by and 'lepaking' at tote-boutique beginning of this year when i just started my sewing and craft project... (can just spend hours reading & looking at the pictures...not realizing the time touched 4am already)
to get some ideas... inspiring by her touch... and most of the time admiring all her products... (dreaming 1 day i can produce something like that as well... haha...*4am-perfect time to dream*)

*cik as, the owner of tote-boutique*: i'm not supposed to write any story to 'bodek' you for this giveaway contest,kan? just copy & paste only, right? but i saje gatal tangan sbb dh lama tak boh entry kat my blog....since may 2011... wohoo.. lamanya 6 bulan tkde entry..

come & join the giveaway contest... the more the merrier... *biar pening cik as nak pilih*...:)

till then.... daaaaaaaa.....

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