Sunday, April 8, 2012


1st few that i made... 

courtesy to my sister, ina... who suddenly fell into crochet world and dragged me into it.. [i had to take it up again since i used to learn this technique from my mum & then left it for such a looong time.. and now slowly recall my memories.. :) ]

learning new technique.. from the book.. heheh.. have to understand all the abbreviation..(berpeluh mak...)

the result... not bad, huh??

another experiment from the book... hahaha.. it supposed to be straight and mine turn up curve...  *mode: happy...*

hmmm... quite satisfied with this.. can be the lace.. *grinnnn..*

more & more experiment... :)

hihihi... i like this one... it supposed to be square like the one in the book.. BUT my second line failed me already... i kept 'unpicking' (ada ke word nih?) and did it again & again & again and the result still the same until i take another way of using it... making it as my daughter's Barbie doll's hat... cool huh?

Till then... daaaaa....

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