Monday, April 9, 2012

Personalized Felt Name

my nephews

i like to personalized the items made for my customers & i do take order just to sew the names only..

my nieces

ordered by kak Rusila Ujang

for my friend, Aziyah Ahmad

Some of the personalized items:
1. Bags

my earlier project.. too small (can't even highlight the name)

1st project with the felt.. hmmm... still look too small...

very happy with this font.. *grin from ear to ear..*

this picture made my career started.. people started ordering personalized bag when they see this cute little bag with the owner's name.. :)

for Linda Karlina's twins

for Amy's daughter

for Amy's daughter

for kak Zaidad's girlz...

for my nephew

another nephew

for my niece

for cikgu Ana..
this fabric combo is one of the popular among customers.. & now out of stock.. :(

2. Cloths:
i did personalize some cloths as well..
this one is for my niece touch is only for the name.. not the blouse.. :)

for Khayla.. my another niece

errr... again.. my touch is only the 'name' part.. not the rest of the wordings..

3. Pencil Case:

for my daughter

for another daughter

for my niece

for my ex-student

for my ex-colleague

for Faridah's daughter

for Faridah's son

Till then... daaaa....

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