Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Family Day 2010

last year, 2010 the theme project for my school was Insect & Plant. we had to crack our heads to think about the craft that we could do related to this topic. thanks to the internet that makes everything is just at our fingertips...
but some of the crafts were from the trial & what my friend used to say: "it is trial & error...sometimes it will turn up as what u want...most of the time, it won't...hahaha...."

close up
notice that name stand? corn seeds... that was hawa's idea...thanks to u dear...i pengsan if u didn't come to rescue.....

my favourite flower
we asked the children, what are their fav flowers...then we took their photos with that real flowers. after that asked them to paint the picture of the flowers. cool right? and check out how we put the frill all around that flower painting..

our main board
this board is sooo big...we have to think how to fill it up with the children crafts...huhuhu....not that easy...cannot simply take the crafts and put it up... must think about the scenery....haha boleh pengsan camni...
but the secret is this : make the craft when u put it up, even with 4 types of flowers, your board will be full already....brilliant huh??

insects in our garden
if u see closely, u will notice that we put some insect here and there in that scenery....we got bee, ladybug, praying mantis, dragonfly....can u spot them? haha...give some exercises to your eyes...

growing...we do it everyday
as a living thing, we do grow like plant & insect...the birthday child for that month has the chance to show their growing process...from baby until now, let say until 4 years old...

another board to be decorated....but a bit smaller than the main one. we chose to put "Type of Vegetables"....knows what it means??

onion-bulb type vegie
potato-tuber type vegie

carrot-root type vegie

mustard leaf (sawi)-leafy type vegie
i bet, not all of us know about this 'type of vegetables'...haha sometimes nama sayur pun tak tau...sebab tak suka makan sayur....

a little explanation about the vegie...
put as simple explanation as we could so that the children could understand. for example: carrot is crunchy and can be eaten raw...simple enough right?

 planting the japanese roses
after talking about the plant, now we taught the children how to plant the japanese roses and how to take care of your plant...they enjoyed watering the plant everyday....and see the plant grew inch by inch each day...

this is another 'must thing' that we have to do every year, for family day... since i have 1 board for flowers, the other board for vegie, i chose to make fruits for my mobile...
hanging the mobile to the cloth hanger is what we usually do, but this time around i wanted to play with the topics...i tied the mobiles to a twig that i picked around the school...and put a praying mantis on that twig as well... hehe...i felt that was so cute...[puji diri..:-)]

photo frames
different types of seeds...who can imagine that they can be used to decorate a frame? it was so easy to make and turned up soo nice!! thanks to hawa again for her brilliant idea....tq..tq...tq..muaah!!

insect crafts...butterflies that flying around our window...

frigde magnets

flower & insect photo/message holder

lifecycle of a butterfly

it is good to teach the children the names of the insect in bahasa. do you know that ladybug in bahasa is called "kumbang kura-kura"? haha...never heard it before? now you know...:-)

seeds collage

close up
remember the seeds that we used to decorate the photo frame? we used the same seeds to make this bean, green bean, black bean, soy bean, lentil, corn just name it...we can turn it into a craft...*wink*..

these are the crafts from my class only...there are some more from other classes... should i show them as well? let me think about it first.... 

till then...daa....

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