Friday, February 4, 2011

Orange Floral Dress for Nazneen

front view last i can show my 2nd dress with my own label... yeehaa....
this one is for my niece, nazneen (i suka call dia naneen) who turned 2 on 18 jan 2011. (apa la aunty ni...asyik belated je....) it's ok, better late than never...;-)

back view
i posted the photos to my facebook. Thank goodness that nazneen and her mum (cik noni) like it...uncle mie dah tak sabar nak dtg amik....haha...dia tak tau baju ni tak siap lagi..

this time around i would like to add something on that plain ribbon...that rose was supposed to be a hairband to match with the dress. 
but then i played around with it, try to put it in the middle like this:
or on the upper part of the dress...and at last decided to put at the side like this:(courtesy to my 2 consultants, nadia & najwa for their opinions)
and this is how it looks like after the final touch:
not bad, ek?

did anybody notice a tiny little needle there? not completed button and no button hole...hihi [nasib baik i tak amik gambar kt dalam kain tu...tak jahit tepi lagi..nanti nak balik umah mak, nak jahit kat sana...jauh tu gi jahit tepi...]

i made the scrunchy this morning for about 15-20 minutes only. very easy and very fast...[so that i can upload today...;-)]
i am glad that finally it has been done and that means i can proceed to another project... hmmm...who's next?

till then...daaaaa.......

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