Sunday, February 20, 2011

Small Blue Roses Dress for Hikmah Zafirah

my new project...dress for my friend, zubaidah's daughter-Hikmah Zafirah. really2 hope both mother & daughter will like my collection..

this time around, i remembered to look up and see what's that shop's name - the one that i always send to sew the button holes...kedai alat2 jahitan and kraftangan bad ah? came here for sooo many times, didn't even know the name? but now i promote for the shop...

1st draft
at 1st, i wanted to put the small yellow ribbon in the middle. asked opinion from my husband, but he said this one looks like a flag... haishh...spoilt betul...

2nd draft
this time, i played around with buttons... yellow would be nice to bring out the effect.... hmmm...this one approved by husband, but i didn't make any decision yet, so....

final draft
i reduced the buttons to 5....and wallah..i like it...:)
husband also agreed and preferred this this is the final look... 

buttons in a row

my trademark-scrunchy
i really enjoy making the scrunchy because it is soo easy and it really looks cute after i've done!!

small blue roses..
i simply like roses....:-)

till then...daaa....

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