Monday, February 7, 2011

My Own Label

the very 1st label
wow...i never imagined that i will have my own label...been looking for the place to make the label and it was soo troublesome and soo difficult to find the place. but this friend of mine, rozi from was so kind to share where she got hers and it is from

i just contacted this kucinpurple through email and showed her what i wanted and she did the rest...owhh..i'm so happy..:-)

cute face
that cute little face is my girl's touch- nadia latifah....she created this face and just saved it in the computer. i talked more about this face here. when i was sooo pening to choose what picture to be used for my label, suddenly i realized about this face. and when i asked my husband he also agreed with this cute face... (i tried to make one but it didn't turn up as nice as nadia's...hahaha... tak kreatif la tu)

i drove to kota damansara to get the label by myself when i knew it was ready.  i really wanted to use it, that's why i sanggup pergi, eventhough i was so tired that night....
now i've got my own more projects will come...:-)

till then...daaaa.....

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