Thursday, February 3, 2011

Blue Roses Dress for Lauren

Last week on 27th January was my friend, sophia's daughter's birthday (hi lauren). this time around i tried to give some personal touch on my gift. since i've got the mood to continue and polish my sewing skills again (after i left it about 5 years ago), i decided to sew her a dress.

this cloth has been with me for quite sometime already...i bought it for my daughters (that time i still rajin menjahit for my daughters). i like the pattern, i like roses, i like the just that, at one point i didn't feel like sewing it hid in my closet for a loooooong time..

I got to go to this one shop (at kota damansara- sori lupa nama kedai) to sew the button hole since my skill on this particular thing is not nice  recommendable at all..hehe..

My first handmade dress with my own label....(haha so proud of my self) [isyk.. tak baik bangga terhadap diri sendiri ni...ok..ok..tarik balik]. i got this label from sanggup pegi carik umah dia kat mana... semata-mata nak dapat cepat. ye la, kalau tunggu pos, esok lusa belum tentu dapat...nak kejar dateline ni...haha cam bagus je...

I started cutting the cloth on monday...and finished the whole thing on thursday night. not bad at all ek? usually i take longer than that...but i think this time i really chased the dateline. her birthday was on thursday, but on friday i still did not deliver to her yet. i brought the dress to school to show to my friend (show off la pulak) ask her opinion whether it is all right to be given as a present. she agreed and planned to ask me to sew a dress for her daughter...(yeay!! first customer).

this dress comes with the matching hairband ek?
i still have some remnant from that cloth so i decided to make a scrunchy to match with the dress. As scrunchies will be my next this consider as my testing skill with scrunchies.  hihi...suka sangat..(apa yang suka sangat tah)
so, on saturday afternoon, i delivered this dress to lauren (belated pun tak pe, kan?) I hope she likes it and according to sophia (her mum)- she told me through facebook, lauren loves the dress and plan to wear it during Chinese New terharu touching to hear...birthday cum CNY presie....

till then...daaa...

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