Thursday, February 3, 2011

My New Toys

Yeay!!...i've got my new toys....thanks to ismad, dalind & fifie. no no... they are not the ones who bought me these cool stuffs. we had a small gathering yesterday..started from secret recipe..then proceed to ikea to eat meatballs (the best meatballs...i only come here for meatballs...used to try other menu but no...their meatballs and the sauce are still the best!!) hey...i want to talk about my new toys actually, now dah melalut pasal makan..:-)

after we dispersed, my girls & i made a move to Toys'R'us....just to have a look and i told my girls earlier that i'll not buying anything for them.. najwa had booked something for her next birthday...haha...i've to start saving some money to buy her that present...:-)

then we went back to ikea coz mama wanted to buy herself a new pair of scissors...(i wanted to buy this scissors after being recommended by rozi from here). we found the scissors and also some threads that caught my eyes...
najwa was asking, "why u needs scissors? i thought u have your scissors already?" [in fact, i have quite a few...big,small, for kitchen, for school, for cloth]...hehe...children also buy new toys even they have a lot at home, right? so, i think it's alright for me to buy this toy..;-)

Earlier that morning, when i was still in school, my daughter called me & told me that i've received my parcel. happy because i knew that would be the English cotton that i ordered earlier...(haha...tak sabar nak balik sekolah...nak tengok kain).
I really into this english style/design now. Since my husband doesn't like floral..{it's normal right, for guys?}, & i cannot buy floral design, i turn to my dress and cloths collection...and my husband has no say for fact he encouraged me to proceed with my dress project...yeay!!! thank you sayang...

i ordered 2 colours for the same design (hihi..tamak...order sampai 2) is soo nice and i just can't choose which one is i took both...;-)
i would like to order another colour (light blue) next time...hopefully they still have the stock...[pleaseee...hold it for me...don't sell to anyone else]

till then...daaa.....

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